What Is A Real Man These Days?

Published October 8, 2012 by mizzjm

Okay so me and my baby’s father just got into it…something that isn’t new to us these days. Its sad once we had something that was so special and great that nobody could ever break and now it’s like am in the ring all alone with nobody to fight with me. We argue over things that we shouldn’t I mean I don’t ask for much really all I ask is to respect me and to be there for our son. My son is my world and I will do anything and stomp on anybody who mistreats him. So how is that nagging? Because I care about you two having a great relationship? Because I don’t want my son to ever say that you weren’t there for him when he really needed you? I mean my mom had to stay on my dad about me and my two brothers and now…we go to my dad for any and everything because he is so laid back and approachable. At anytime we know that we can call him and he will be there for us in a drop of a hat. I mean is it wrong that I want that for my son too??? My baby’s father is the type of guy who half asses everything. He will wait until the last minute for everything like for example when we planned on getting married we went to the courthouse and did the paperwork but never went and got our rings or go before the judge! I mean the one thing that I was excited about and he just messed that up and ruined that for me!! I was so upset and to this day I don’t think that he really hurt me and scorn me by doing that. Then when I tried to get him to put his name on the birth certificate and he never did it!!! Even though it would add benefits for my son and he would have free medical and dental and he would be receiving extra money each month still didn’t do it. I just don’t get it how can a man who basically has a girl that will do anything for them and hold them down with they all do that one girl wrong? I mean I know I wasn’t perfect in the past and I did wrong but now that I know better and that he pointed out my flaws I busted my tail and changed my ways and it still isn’t good enough! I asked him to lets just start from day one again and see what happens and still no dice like wtf??? I just don’t get it you put up with me at my worse now that am at my best you don’t want me? Then you try to blame me for nagging and that’ s the reason we not together? No guy the reason is because u are a childish ass hole and don’t know what you want and what is going to be sad is that you so stuck on thinking about yourself that you can’t even stop to say let me see what she is really talking about and see if I can try to make this work for my son. I would see if I did something so horrible that we would never get back together but we broke up over something so stupid and dumb. I just hope that he changes his ways and he gets his shit together before Feb. of next year because I know for a fact by then I will be moving on no matter how bad I want to stay and I will not be returning. So he can keep on saying he don’t know if he wants me in his life or not because soon and very soon he will want me and it will be too late….


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